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Bahá'íernas situation i Iran. Sedan den islamiska revolutionen ägde rum i Iran år 1979 har bahá'í-trons anhängare, vilka utgör landets största religiösa minoritet, blivit utsatta för grymma förföljelser som påverkat alla generationer, från spädbarn till åldringar Bahá'í är en världsvid monoteistisk uppenbarelsereligion [1] av sydvästasiatiskt ursprung, [2] [3] grundad av persern Bahá'u'lláh i Bagdad 1863 som en direkt fortsättning på och utveckling profeten Bábs (1819-1850) mission. [4] [5]Tron har enligt egen utsago omkring 6-7 miljoner vuxna anhängare av olika nationaliteter, kulturella, språkliga och sociala bakgrunder. [6 Baha'is everywhere work for the betterment of society. In Iran, too, Baha'is strive to contribute where possible to the peaceful development of their country. Unfortunately, the Iranian government has blocked them at every turn, solely because of their religious beliefs. Archives website chronicles decades of Baha'i persecution in Iran The website, Archives of Baha'i

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  1. Current Situation of Baha'is in Iran, the Baha'i International Community's news page summarizing the current human rights conditions for Baha'is in Iran. Persecution of Baha'is in Iran - A timeline from the Iranian Revolution to the present. [Archived] Iran Press Watch - A research entity documenting the struggle of the Iranian Baha'i.
  2. A Documentary by BBC's Kasra Naji on Bahai's in Iran in Persian with English subtitles. مستند بهائی‌ها در ایران - مستندی از کسری ناجی و بی بی سی.
  3. Persecution of the Baha'is is Iran. A documentary produced by the BBC Persian network
  4. Religion i Iran består främst av fem olika religioner. Det är Zoroastrism, judendom, kristendom, islam och baha'i.. Shiaislam gjordes till officiell religion av Safavidernas dynasti redan 1503. [1] Efter den iranska revolutionen 1979 blev det förbjudet att konvertera från islam eller att uppmuntra andra att konvertera från islam. [

Världens förbättring kan åstadkommas genom rena och goda gärningar, genom lovvärt och passande uppträdande. - Bahá'u'llá Svenska Bahá'í Sommarskolan 2020. Årets Svenska Bahá'í sommarskola sker virtuellt den 2-5 juli via videoplattformen Zoom. Registreringen har nu stängt och vi ser fram emot att se alla som har registrerat sig för konferensen

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  1. Baha'is in Iran plagued by worsening 'systematic persecution' Member of 300,000-strong community who fled Islamic Republic describes life under oppressive regime
  2. ority (perhaps as many as 300,000), but.
  3. ority in the country—have been subjected to a relentless campaign of persecution. This persecution has impacted the lives of generations, from young infants to the frail elderly
  4. Bahai är en monoteistisk uppenbarelse religion. År 1850 Bahai tron var förbjuden i Iran och osmanska riket. I mitten av 1800-talet avrättades även bahais originella grundare Bab. Bahai utvecklades ur den djupt samhällskritiska babi tron ( babism) i shiamuslimska Iran

Bahai uppstod på 1800-talet i nuvarande Iran. Ofta beskrivs tron som en blandning av Islam och österns mysticism. Grundtanken är en strävan efter världsfred och mänsklig enhet, där denna tro skall leda folken till en allmän tro som överbrygger de andliga och kulturella klyftor som finns idag. Bahairörelsen har sitt centrum i Haifa i Israel men den största gruppen Bahai finns i USA Baha'is in Iran face a very different reality. Since 1979 the Islamic Republic of Iran has waged a widespread, systematic persecution aimed at eradicating the Baha'i religious minority as a viable entity. Over the past decade there has been a major upsurge in human rights violations Iran's regime has engaged in widespread persecution of the Baha'i community before, including the murder of members of the Baha'i religion, since the founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Bahá'í faith is one of the youngest of the world's major religions. It was founded by Baha'u'llah in Iran in the 19th century

Two Iranian Baha'i women have reported to a prison in eastern Iran to begin serving sentences for peacefully practicing their faith after authorities apparently ignored appeals to spare them. Bahá'í Reference Library » The Bahá'í Reference Library is the authoritative online source of Bahá'í writings. It contains selected works of Bahá'u'lláh, the Báb, 'Abdu'l‑Bahá, Shoghi Effendi, and the Universal House of Justice, as well as other Bahá'í texts Iran's constitution does not recognize Baha'is as a religious minority in Iran. Authorities routinely harass, prosecute, and imprison Baha'is solely for practicing their faith, and they also.

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  1. bahai. bahaiʹ, arabiska och persiska bahāūī, missionerande världsreligion. Bahai uppfattar sig som ett självständigt religiöst system, inte som en gren av islam. Dess grund lades i Iran på 1850-talet, då Bahaullah fick sin första uppenbarelse, men den stiftades officiellt 1863 i Bagdad, där Bahaullah vistades i exil efter en kort fängelsetid i Teheran 1852-53; Bahaullah ansåg.
  2. In addition, Iran's state-affiliated media have stepped up the public defamation of the Baha'is through an increasingly coordinated spread of disinformation about their beliefs by using television channels, newspapers, radio stations, websites, and social media to denigrate and to ostracize the Baha'is
  3. Working hard to serve all students. LAS MORAS, El Salvador, November 5, 2020 A Bahá'í-inspired school in El Salvador has found a reservoir of capacity in families and teachers to help maintain a high standard of education for all of its students

The Baha'i faith, which is derived from Shiite Islam, was established in the early 19th century in Iran after a man who called himself the Bab proclaimed that a new prophet would arrive On the night of June 18th, 1983, the Islamic revolutionary authorities in Shiraz, Iran, hanged ten women and teenage girls for refusal to deny their belief in the Baha'i Faith. For three days before their deaths the victims had endured barbarous treatment at the hands of Shi'ih Muslim clergymen and revolutionary guards who, on June 15th, had similarly executed the husbands, father and son of.

Baha'i faith is the largest non-Muslim religious minority with a population estimated more than 300,000. The Iranian regime has hurt many religious and political groups in Iran, but Baha'i community has borne an especially heavy burden The Baha'is are among the most persecuted religious minorities in the world. In Iran, where the religion was founded, universities refuse to admit Baha'i students, Baha'i cemeteries have been. A campaign in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to raise awareness about the Yaran, seven Baha'i leaders imprisoned in Iran. Bahá'í homes and automobiles have been the target of arsonists, who often act with legal impunity. This home in Kerman was gutted by fire in July of 2008 At a UN press conference on Tuesday, September 25, 2007, the president of Iran skirted a question from a Voice of America reporter who asked how the governme.. Discrimination against Baha'i in Iran Increasing. Linda Gradstein. 10/25/2016. To get an access to this story: One Year Membership. Every story. Every feature. Every insight. Get unlimited access for as low as $99/Year! Become a member of TML and take stake in your news

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The Bahai Communities of Iran in EIr 3:454-460. A number of histories of local Bahá'í communities in Iran have been written but exist only in manuscript form. Details of these can be found in the bibliography for the entry of each province The Baha'i faith, which was originally founded in Iran, is seen as heretical by the Islamic Republic. Baha'i shops and cemeteries have been vandalised and some of its followers blocked from.

The Baha'is of Iran—the largest non Muslim religious minority in the country—have suffered the most egregious forms of repression, persecution and victimization over the last 40 years. Bahai-samfundet säger att mellan 2005 och 2012, har minst 40 andra Baha'i-ägda kyrkogårdar i Iran skändats, med kroppar uppgrävda. Bahá'í-trons Iran tolereras inte i övervägande shiitiska islamiska republiken och dess anhängare står inför förtryck Five Bahai women in Mashhad, northeastern Iran, were sentenced to a total of five years of prison by the Revolutionary Court. On October 19 the 3rd Branch of the Mashhad Revolutionary Court. The Bahá'í Faith's central beliefs have been organized on this site into a number of thematic areas. Here you can take time to read about the origins of the Bahá'í Faith and explore the principles and teachings that inspire members of the Bahá'í community throughout the world

Baha'i Minority Subjected to Most Severe Religious Discrimination in Iran While discrimination against all of Iran's religious minorities is significant and widespread, the Baha'i religious community in Iran, which is believed to number some 300,000, is considered the most severely persecuted in the country, discriminated against in both law and practice Bahai Baha'i University Candidates Summoned for Interrogation. November 19, 2020, editor, Leave a comment. Source: iranwire.com Young Baha'i would-be students who passed this year's national university entrance exams in Iran have been hauled in by education officials for questioning The Baha'i Children's Savings Company, known in Iran as Shirkat-i Nawnahalan, began as a savings bank for Baha'i children in 1917. As successive generations of Baha'i children grew up, they kept their savings-primarily intended for their future educations-with the company, and local and national Baha'i institutions also placed their deposit funds there Photographs related to the lives of the Central Figures of the Bahá'í Faith: the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh, and 'Abdu'l-Bahá; selected images of individuals of historical significance to the Bahá'í Faith; and photos associated with the persecution of the Bahá'ís in Iran

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21 Canadian Parliamentarians from all five political parties and both the House of Commons and the Senate, have signed an open letter calling for Iran to halt its persecution of Baha'is. The letter was published in The Hill Times , a newspaper that reaches political leaders, public servants, and others working on public policy in the national capital The Yaran, meaning Friends refers to the name of a now-disbanded ad hoc group responsible for the administration of Iran's 300,000-member Bahá'í community. Each of the seven members were arrested in 2008 and held without charge for over a year. Following their trial between 12 January and 14 June 2010 they were each sentenced originally to 20 years in prison

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bahai.org.a The Bahai (Bahá'í) religion was founded in the 19th Century in Iran by Bahá'u'lláh. It grew out of Babi religion in Qajar Persia before spreading to adjacent countries and finally to the rest of the world Baha'i Man Charged for Peaceful Social Media Activities . Farid Ziragi Moghaddam, a 24-year-old Baha'i cobbler in the city of Birjand, eastern Iran, was charged with acting against national security for running two channels promoting his faith on the Telegram messaging app, including Nedaye Solhe Baha'i (Baha'i Voice of Peace)

Five Bahai women in Mashhad, northeastern Iran, were sentenced to a total of five years of prison by the Revolutionary Court. On October 19 the 3 rd Branch of the Mashhad Revolutionary Court sentenced Nika Pakzadan, Faraneh Daneshgari, Sanaz Eshaghi, Nekisa Hajipour, and Naghmeh Zabihian to one year of prison each for spreading propaganda against the state by being Bahai The life of Bahá'u'lláh and the events associated with the birth of a new revelation from God unfolded in the 19th century in the Islamic world of Iran and the Ottoman Empire.The stern control of those two central powers dictated Bahá'u'lláh's movements His entire life, starting in what was then called Persia, where He was born The Baha'i community in Iran demonstrates how the destruction of a minority group can be achieved relatively quietly within a state or region. It is my view that we should not wait until this.

Security forces in central Iran arrested an Iranian Baha'i couple and confiscated their belongings including their cars. Houshmand Talebi & his wife Mozhdeh Eghterafi live in Villashahr in Isfahan Province. According to the Human Rights News Agency, after their arrest on Sunday, August 23, security forces also raided their home and confiscated their belongings, including laptops, smartphones. Members of the Baha'i community in Iran are the most persecuted religious minority in the Islamic Republic, where suppression of alternative faiths is growing worse, U.N. special rapporteur for.

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This unsuccessful attempt to murder three members of the Baha'i faith in northwestern Iran comes five months after the successful assassination of a Baha'i citizen in south of the country. Ataollah Rezvani, a 52-year-old former member of the Servant's Circle in Bandar Abbas, was shot from behind on Aug. 24, 2013 The largest non-Muslim minority in Iran is the Bahais. There were an estimated 350,000 Bahais in Iran in 1986 (see table 4, Appendix). The Bahais are scattered in small communities throughout Iran with a heavy concentration in Tehran. Most Bahais are urban, but there are some Bahai villages, especially in Fars and Mazandaran

Iran Authorities Deprive At Least 17 Baha'i Students From Higher Education Sunday, 01 Nov 2020 19:26 Iran Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) on Saturday reported that at least 17 Baha'is participants in this year's nationwide university entrance examinations have been barred from higher education despite being academically qualified Present Baha'i Population of Iran . The actual number of Baha'is in Iran is not more than 30,000. That should not make anyone who is a Baha'i very depressed. The Baha'is should know that exaggerating Baha'i census was the policy of Abdul Baha, Shoghi Effendi and now House of Justice The Baha'i community of Iran is the country's largest non-Muslim religious minority. This collection of essays presents a comprehensive study of the social and historical development of the Baha'i community, and its role in shaping modern Iran. Central to this study is the pioneering character of the Baha'i community in the late 19th and early 20th century, with chapters examining the. The Bahá'í Faith is an Abrahamic religion started in the 1800s by an Iranian person called Bahá'u'lláh who was born in Tehran, Iran.Followers of this religion call themselves Bahá'ís.The name Bahá'u'lláh is Arabic for The Glory of God. Glory is a word that means importance, power, and beauty. Bahá'ís believe Bahá'u'lláh is a representation of God, or speaks for God, and.

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Because Baha'is do not make distinctions between men and women, they do not segregate the sexes at religious services, as demanded by Iran's Islamic fundamentalists. Baha'i women wear no veils. The Baha'i International Community (BIC) says Baha'is in Iran are facing a new wave of arrests and raids on their homes across different cities in the country UN vote highlights human rights violations in Iran by James Smith · 26 Mar 2013 Here is another article about the continuing human rights abuses perpuated on the Baha'i minority community by the Islamic Republic of Iran Iran Sentences Five Bahai Women to Total Five Years of Prison. October 26, 2020, editor, Leave a comment. Source: www.hra-news.org Translation by Iran Press Watch. HRANA - Nika Pakzadan, Faraneh Daneshgari, Sanaz Ishaqi, Nakisa Hajipour and Naghmeh Zabihian, five Baha'i citizens living in Mashhad, were each sentenced by the Mashhad Revolutionary Court to one year in prison

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The Baha'i International Community issued a statement denouncing the destruction of a historic cemetery in Shiraz, Iran, which is the burial site of ten Baha'i women who were hanged by the government in 1983. Their deaths came to symbolize the worst of the government's persecution of Baha'is, who are Iran's largest religious minority History of the Baha'i Faith The Bahá'í Faith was founded in Iran in the mid-19th century by Mirza Hoseyn 'Ali Nuri, who is known as Bahá'u'lláh, which in Arabic: Glory of God. The Bahai religion has a short, but important history and learning it is necessary to understanding the Bahai worldview I'm excited to share a short film called 'Hope From Iran 2' by my dear friend Flavio Azm Rassekh in collaboration with Persian BMS. 'Hope From Iran 2' is a follow-up film to its predecessor 'Hope From Iran', but this film takes on a slightly different angle by exploring the lives of four very talented women who have Hope from Iran 2 - A Film Celebrating the Lives of Four Baha'i Wome Iranian authorities routinely arrest members of Iran's estimated 300,000-strong Baha'i minority community for expressing or practicing their beliefs. Although Article 23 of mullahs' Constitution states that no one may be molested or taken to task simply for holding a certain belief, followers of the faith are denied many fundamental rights, including access to education, employment.

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Iran must release a Bahai prisoner of conscience who contracted the novel coronavirus, the community's representative to the UN said on Thursday. Farhad Fahandej, 61, from the northern city of Gorgan, is serving the eighth year of a 10-year sentence and suffers from gastrointestinal and heart diseases, Diane Alai told The National Sen. Mobina Jaffer, Iran needs to release prisoners of conscience at risk because of COVID-19 (2020) Sen. Mobina Jaffer, Persecution of the Bahá'ís in Yemen: Hamed bin Haydara (2020) MP Kelly Block in Question Period (2020 In a letter Bahá'u'lláh recalled as a child seeing an elaborate puppet show about war and intrigues in the court of a king and the riches of those in authority. After the performance, Bahá'u'lláh saw a man come out from behind the tent with a box under his arm. What is this box? Bahá'u'lláh asked him, and what was the nature of this display In the Middle of a Pandemic, Iran Dials Up Persecution of Its Baha'i Citizens. In recent weeks, at least 71 individuals across the country have been arrested, summoned to court, tried, sentenced.

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Iran is violating the most basic human rights of its Baha'i citizens; and, when young Baha'is aren't allowed to study or enroll in school, it's a crime. But don't take it from me Abdu'l Abdu'l-Baha Abdu'l-Baha says activities al-majjcya Amanat Anjuman-i Anonymous anti-Baha'i Arabic Ayatullah Babi-Baha'i Babis and Baha'is Babism Baha Baha'i community Baha'i Faith Bahá'í International Community Baha'i religion Baha'i schools Baha'i women Baha'is of Iran Baha'ullah Baha'ullah and Abdu'l-Baha Bahram bathhouses Baygum centre Christian. While Iran has allowed freedom of religion for Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians, as a religion founded after Islam, the Bahai faith remains banned under Iran's laws against heresy The Baha'i Faith is a global faith community, established in virtually every country in the world. Centers of Learning. The Baha'is of the United States operate three year-round conference and retreat centers that offer a wide range of programming for adults, youth and children The flag of the Bahá'i of Iran is my reconstruction following an image in Minahan's book. In the years since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Iranian Bahá'is, rejected, persecuted, and forced into isolation, have taken on the characteristics of a distinct national group, including the longing for a safe place to live, a homeland

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May 14 marked the ninth anniversary of Iran's imprisonment of seven Baha'i leaders for the crime of practicing their faith. This grim milestone reflects the Baha'i's status, in the words of the United Nations, as the country's most severely persecuted religious minority. In Tehran's eyes, the Baha'i faith constitutes not a religion, but a Western-backed political movement. The Baha'i faith is a monotheistic religion founded by Baha'ullah in 19 th-century Iran and has approximately 300,000 followers in Iran. The Iranian government considers Baha'is to be apostates. Baha'i Communities of Iran The early history of all the Bahá'í communities of northern Iran, narrated here for the first time and drawn from original sources including manuscript histories, letters, family records and material previously published only in Persian

Bahai Religion BasicsThe baha’i faithHistory | The official website of the Bahá'ís of MauritiusCaravanserai as crossroads along the Silk Road: Iran's

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Indelat i mer än 130 nationella förbund och mer än 26.000 lokala församlingar, är de upattningsvis omkring 2 miljoner världen över. Eftersom inrättandet av Islamiska republiken Iran 1979, den diskriminering som Bahai-rörelsen har alltid varit föremål för i det land där deras ursprung har eskalerat till rena förföljelsen At least sixteen businesses run by Baha'i citizens are sealed off in recent weeks in Tabriz, the largest city in northwestern Iran, reports say. In an interview with Radio Farda, the Baha'i International Community, BIC spokesperson, Simin Fahandej confirmed the reports on Thursday, December.. Bahai synonyms, Bahai pronunciation, Bahai translation, English dictionary definition of Bahai. n., pl. -ha•'is, adj. n. 1. a religion founded in Iran and teaching the essential worth of all races and religions and equality of the sexes

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Baha'i students are expelled if their religious identity is discovered. Twitter is banned in Iran, but many people continue to access it by using VPNs, BBC's John McManus reports. You may also be. Saeid Rezaie, one of the seven members of the former leadership group of the Baha'is, who has been recently freed after being ten years behind bars, says that people of Iran never accepted the claim that Baha'i leaders are involved in espionage against their homeland But for Iran's seven Baha'i leaders, it has another meaning: 10,000 cumulative days of unjustified imprisonment, with no prospect of release until 2028. Shut away from the world,. Bahá'u'lláh, a title that means the Glory of God in Arabic, was born on 12 November 1817 in Tehran, Iran. His given name was Husayn Ali, and He was the son of a wealthy government minister, Mirza Buzurg-i-Nuri. The family could trace its ancestry back to the great dynasties of Iran's imperial past. Bahá'u'lláh led a princely life as a young man, receiving an education that focused.

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The Baha''i International Community is alarmed by the recent wave of persecution against the Baha''i community in Iran and calls upon the international community to shine a spotlight on these. Publicerad 2010-08-10. Iran har dömt sju ledande medlemmarna inom Bahai religionen till 20-års fängelsestraff , berättade två bahai-aktivister för AFP. På söndagen meddelade myndigheterna den 20-åriga straffen muntligen för deras advokater , säger Sophie Menard , taleskvinna för Bahai samfundet i Frankrike , och tillade att gruppen väntar på bekräftelse av orden Baha'is in Iran and Yemen are systematically persecuted for their religious beliefs. They are often imprisoned, deprived of basic human rights, and blocked from economic advancement. Our Office works to end this longstanding injustice. LEARN MORE . Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our work

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