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Seeing a specific word used in a sentence can provide more context and help you better understand proper usage. Find sentence examples at Your Dictionary Definitions, grammar tips, word game help and more from 16 authoritative source

Scrabble Dictionary; Unscramble; Word Cookies Cheat; Scrabble Checker; Words With Friends Cheat; More Games; Share . Dictionary; Sentences. Share. Send your feedback to YourDictionary. Get our free Amazon Alexa Skills! Join YourDictionary today If you're confused about what makes a sentence simple, these 37 simple sentence examples will help clear things up. This type of sentence can have only one independent clause. It can be long or short, but the basic structure is always the same. There are several types of simple sentences

As long as you remember to include these crucial components - and a healthy dose of punctuation - you'll be well on your way to sentence mastery. A handful of words form a sentence. A handful of sentences form a paragraph. Before you know it, you've got the next great American novel in the works How to use dictionary in a sentence. Example sentences with the word dictionary. dictionary example sentences

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it How to use your in a sentence. Example sentences with the word your. your example sentences. Sentences Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes Reference Spanish Word Finder 4 Pics 1 Word Answers. Identifying Imperative Sentences. The first indication of an imperative sentence is its punctuation.Most of these sentences end with a period, and sometimes an exclamation mark.Just be careful, as imperative sentences aren't the only sentences that end with a period or exclamation mark (as you'll see below)

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  1. Find metaphor examples, verb examples and even alliteration examples all in one place. Your Dictionary is your resource for language and grammar articles
  2. Sentence definition, a grammatical unit of one or more words that expresses an independent statement, question, request, command, exclamation, etc., and that typically has a subject as well as a predicate, as in John is here. or Is John here? In print or writing, a sentence typically begins with a capital letter and ends with appropriate punctuation; in speech it displays recognizable.
  3. Webster's New World College Dictionary Definitions, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, at YourDictionary.co
  4. Most people chose this as the best definition of simple-sentence: The definition of a simpl... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples
  5. Learn the rules, and the quirks, of English grammar - from parts of speech to punctuation. With descriptive speech and clear writing you can entertain, persuade, inform and educate
  6. Learn the different parts of a complex sentence. Definitions and examples demonstrate how important complex sentences can be when varying your writing style

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Trusted by Millions of Students, Faculty and Professionals Worldwide. Eliminate Grammar Errors Instantly and Enhance Your Writing. Try Now YourDictionary Resources Webster's New World Dictionary of Quotations. Webster's New World® Dictionary of Quotations features more than 20,000 entries from over 4,000 sources. The featured quotations span the ages from Greek philosophers, the Bible, and Shakespeare to modern authors, celebrities, and world leaders Sentencedict.com is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentence examples for almost every word. We try our best to collect and create good sentences and wish you can make progress day by day The four types of sentence structures are simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. The quantity and arrangement of clauses determines the makeup of each type of sentence structure. A clause is a grouping of words with both a subject and a verb that can (but doesn't always) form a sentence. If the clause can form a complete thought on its own, it's considered an independent clause.

'You can almost feel her carefully constructed outline unfolding as you proceed through the words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages.' 'I was about to finish a sentence with a preposition there, something I never do. sentence meaning: 1. a group of words, usually containing a verb, that expresses a thought in the form of a. Learn more A sentence can be a group of words that communicate a complete thought, or it can be the punishment in a criminal case. Did your pen pal in prison write a sentence or two about the length of his sentence

Define sentence. sentence synonyms, sentence pronunciation, sentence translation, English dictionary definition of sentence. A sentence, whether short or long, must express a complete idea; and a complete sentence must consist of at least one independent clause —that is,. Sentence definition: A sentence is a group of words which, when they are written down, begin with a capital... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

1. A grammatical unit that is syntactically independent and has a subject that is expressed or, as in imperative sentences, understood and a predicate that contains at least one finite verb. 2. An authoritative decision; a judicial judgment or decree, esp. the judicial determination of the punishment to be inflicted on a convicted criminal Definition of sentence written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels Trusted free online English Dictionary from Collins. Authoritative, reliable and up-to-date content for English word reference, with images, example sentences, audio and video pronunciations, and related thesaurus

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The Farlex Grammar Book > English Grammar > Syntax > Sentences Sentences What is a sentence? In this chapter, we will look at what comprises a sentence. We will explore the elements used to construct sentences, and what parts of speech are used to expand and elaborate on them. We will focus for now on forming simple sentences (sentences that contain. Yes, I'd like to receive Word of the Day emails from YourDictionary.com By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy well Well, here are the results of the study.If you're presenting important information to colleagues, prefacing the meat of a sentence with a word like well diminishes the impact of whatever follows. When used in this way, this adverb is an example of a hedge.Just as botanical hedges soften the edges of a yard, linguistic hedges weaken the force of a statement Levels Playlists Say It Right Dictionary Refer A Friend Forum. More. Lessons Comments Library List Other Shows PRONUNCIATION Tag cloud Tests Vocabulary. English-Chinese fish. Search our example sentence database using English or Chinese words. Search. Download. 鱼 (魚 sentence translate: frase, periodo, sentenza, condannare, frase, sentenza, condannare. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Italian Dictionary

Now you see why it is a good idea to read the example sentences when you look up a word in a dictionary. For each sentence you read, there is a good chance that it will appear in your head when you need it , and that you will be able to re-use it (or part of it) to produce your own correct sentence The Free Dictionary's Idioms dictionary is the largest collection of English idioms and slang in the world. It contains more than 60,000 entries from several of the most trusted names in publishing. Search by keyword or full phrase to get clear, in-depth definitions of American idioms, British idioms, and idioms and slang from throughout the English-speaking world If you're making your own SRS collection for learning English, you can select whole sentences and definitions in the dictionary, and copy them to your new items. Recordings . In many software dictionaries, you can listen to recordings which show you how to pronounce a word

Grammar is the set of language rules that you use, most of the time unconsciously, to create phrases and sentences that convey meaning Conditional sentences are in the conditional mood, which is used for hypothetical scenarios that are dependent on a certain condition or conditions. Conditional Sentences. including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete,. An interrogative sentence is simply a sentence that asks a question. Interrogative sentences always end with question marks. Interrogative Sentences. including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete,. We use imperative sentences to give orders, commands, and general instructions. Such sentences are said to be in the Imperative Mood. Imperative Sentences. As you can see, there are no subjects in the sentences above. For example, it would be incorrect to say,.

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Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta sentence translate: جُمْلة, عُقوبة, عُقوبة. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Arabic Dictionary Definition of sentences you to in the Idioms Dictionary. sentences you to phrase. What does sentences you to expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary Unless you're a kid in a spelling bee or a high school or cramming for the SATs, it might have been a while since you've paid much attention to those example sentences in the dictionary, you know. pass sentence (on someone or something) 1. Literally, of a judge, to determine and read out a sentence following a criminal conviction. Before I pass sentence, I want to allow a victim-impact statement to be read aloud before the court. The judge passed a sentence of 35 years on the convicted murderer. 2. To make or render a judgment someone or.

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English Dictionary and Translation Search with 1,000,000,000 example sentences from human translators. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Portugues Personalize your learning and create your own dictionary instead! If you want original phrases you can try creating short sentences of texts with the words you want to learn, and then importing this as a lesson. I think that would be a great way to really learn these terms

Example definition is - one that serves as a pattern to be imitated or not to be imitated. How to use example in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of example Appropriate definition is - especially suitable or compatible : fitting. How to use appropriate in a sentence. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of appropriate The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases The world's largest and most trusted free online thesaurus. For over 20 years, Thesaurus.com has been helping millions of people improve their mastery of the English language and find the precise word with over 3 million synonyms and antonyms Definition of pass sentence on in the Idioms Dictionary. pass sentence on phrase. What does pass sentence on expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary

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AZdictionary.com was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form With Reverso you can find the English translation, definition or synonym for sentence and thousands of other words. You can complete the translation of sentence given by the English-French Collins dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Larousse dictionary, Le Robert, Oxford, Gréviss Patronage definition is - advowson. How to use patronage in a sentence

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The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases Grammarly now organizes your writing feedback by theme, so you can see how each change will help your readers better understand your message. Show me more. Works Where You Do. Get corrections from Grammarly while you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all your other favorite sites. Emails and Messages. Gmail. Outlook

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sentence. 1) n. the punishment given to a person convicted of a crime. A sentence is ordered by the judge, based on the verdict of the jury (or the judge's verdict if there was no jury) within the possible punishments set by state law (or Federal law in convictions for a Federal crime) Lexico is a collaboration with Oxford Dictionary hosted by Dictionary.com offering definitions, meanings, and grammar in both English and Spanish. Translate from English to Spanish and Spanish to English with Lexico.co

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No sentences were found. Unfortunately no sentences were found for the terms you were searching for. Search Tips. An asterix (*) character can be used to match 0 or more characters. A period (.) character can be used to match exactly 1 character. You can search using romaji, kana, or kanji (ie tanoshii, たのしい, and 楽しい can all be used) You can listen to each sentence as you read it. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / Works on iPad and some other mobile devices When you look up a word in your own language in a bilingual dictionary, you will probably find that there is more than one English translation. If you are not sure which to use, you could try a back translation. This means that you look up the English translations one by one in a monolingual dictionary EXAMPLE-SENTENCES. Menu. Active Passive; Change the Narration; Determiners; example sentences; Forms of Verbs; one word substitutions; Preposition; spot the error; God prayed to by you daily? Did Is Was Read More 11. No Response. admin November 5, 2020. Change the voice Not a word was heard

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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Newspapers, printing, publishing dictionary dic‧tion‧a‧ry / ˈdɪkʃən ə ri $ -neri / S3 noun (plural dictionaries) [countable] 1 TCN a book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order and explains their meanings in the same language, or another language a German - English dictionary 2 TCN a book that explains the. A full page of text with no visible breaks is hard to read. That's why you break your ideas up into groups of sentences, called paragraphs. Each paragraph contains logically connected sentences about one main idea The look on your face — sad, happy, bored, amused — is an expression. Your expression lets people know what you're feeling, unless you're good at hiding your emotions

Can a Sentence Start with 'And'? | Words "Not" to StartStories of Chinese Classic Cartoon: Nezha Conquers theChapter 7 – BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English

Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages When you search for science terms on Google, you waste a lot of time looking through unrelated search results. However, when you search for something on The Science Dictionary, we show you only scientific websites. We use the same engine that powers Google,. The French dictionary has over 250,000 translations and the Italian dictionary has nearly 200,000. These dictionaries continue to grow and improve as well. If you don't find what you are looking for in any of the dictionaries, search or ask in the forums SpanishDict is the world's largest online Spanish-English dictionary, translator, and reference tool indeterminate sentence: n. the prison term imposed after conviction for a crime which does not state a specific period of time or release date, but just a range of time, such as five-to-ten years. It is one side of a continuing debate as to whether it is better to make sentences absolute (subject to reduction for good behavior) without. All-Dictionary.com is a huge collection of english dictionaries including medical, legal, urban, names, auto and mor

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